This is the JunkScienceArchive portal and everything that was at formerly at is available here with the exception of new daily news & views updates. If you used to access it through's front page then you can still access it through here.

Everything is still in the same directory structure as before, only the base domain name has changed from to and any bookmark you used before will function again if you insert "archive" (without the quotes) into the previous bookmark.

For example, the temperature time series which were previous found at are now accessed from here:

Only the base domain name as changed - no files have been moved or deleted.

As part of’s expansion and renovation we have introduced distinct streams to help users find their interests more easily. has returned to its roots and will focus on debunking while JunkScience Sidebar will assume the daily collation of topical items and more general-interest discussion role.

Sidebar will have a more relaxed criteria – think of it as the office water cooler or the coffee shop where general junk and the inevitable consequences of junk science can be kicked around and chewed over without cluttering the more research-oriented

The Debunkosaurus™ is’s online guide and reference manual for debunking junk science so remember to check there for the information you need.

Sidebar may cross post with Green Hell Blog to some extent but if you want to see (and talk about) how environmentalists plan to control your life and what you can do to stop them, is the place to start.

Completing our multifaceted assault on junk science we have the slightly more arcane where you can read about money stolen from you and given to corporate fat cats under the guise of the so-called “clean energy standard”.

We thank you for your continued patronage and trust you will find the separation of the various streams make it easier for you to follow your particular interests.


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